10 Great Kids Learning Gift Ideas for Toddlers

If you are getting ready for Christmas, it is likely that you are a little stumped on which toy ideas are the best for the child on your list. There are so many options but knowing which one will be the best hit and can provide hours of entertainment can be difficult. If you are looking for some great learning gift ideas for toddlers, then take a look at some of the great options below.

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Quoridor – Gigamic

847 Ratings

This is the perfect game to provide to your child this holiday season. It provides all of the abstract thinking that you need, making it even better for the cognitive thinking abilities of your child along the way. Designed for two or four players and children ages eight and older, your child will be able to stretch their critical thinking skills in no time.

Tomons Ki’s Easel

438 Ratings

This double-sided easel includes two surfaces, one with a chalkboard and the other with a magnetic dry erase board for hours of fun. The middle tray can hold all of the chalk, erasers, stickers, markers, and everything else your child needs to learn something new each day. Add in that the height can be adjusted and your child can make this easel grow with them through the years.


ABC Sound Book for Children

438 Ratings

Learning your ABC’s has never been more fun. Toddlers and young children can get a head start with the three different learning modes including spelling, quiz mode, and letter and word identification. There are also six learning activities, lots of songs, and plenty of letter sounds to help your child learn along the way.

Cloth Books for Babies

655 Ratings

You can’t go wrong with an old classic. These six cloth children’s books provide lots of fun and education all at the same time. Sit down for some quality time reading with these soft and easy to use books, all while helping your child learn their numbers, letters, and even about the different animals and shapes. The safe and soft materials make this easy for your child to play with them on their own as well.

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether To

16,575 Ratings

Don’t let the strange look of this one scare you away. This is the perfect teething toy that is soft enough to play with too. You can even add it to the freezer or refrigerator to get added comfort for your child. This is also a great developmental baby toy due to the colors and how easy it is to hold onto and play for little hands. Even the fussiest teethers will love this Winkel toy!

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano

6,490 Ratings

You can never go wrong adding a little bit of music into the world of a child and this magic touch piano from Baby Einstein can bring along even more fun. This wooden piano will magically make music as your child explores all of the sounds that come from it. There are three sheets of music present with six songs, or your child can bring in their own creativity and make their own song. Enjoy that it is designed for children with safe and durable materials meant to last.

10 Baby Rattles Teether Set

9,106 Ratings

This set has it all for your baby, providing hours of entertainment to keep them focused and entertained. Each of the rattles will provide a different grip and shape so your child can easily work on some of their fine motor skills while enjoying the ten bright colored teethers and rattles for all their stages. There are also many great sounds that will help expand the sensory experience of this toy so your baby can develop all the great skills they need.

LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

3,058 Ratings

Get ready to help your child build up their motor skills as they sort, match, stack, and empty all the contents of this basket. This includes a lot of different ways for your child to play. They can work with sharing and the shape, or just bring it along for some fun pretend play to offer a creative outlet that is amazing for your kids. There is even some instrumental fun and great sound effects each time they lift the basket lid, making this the perfect gift for everyone.

Fisher Price Learn with me Zebra Walker

1,879 Ratings

There are two ways your child can play with this based on how they seem to learn and grow the best. They can sit or play, enjoying all of the hands-on activities to explore, all the buttons, the songs, and everything else. The easy to grasp handle and sturdy wheels make this the best walker for your child as they learn how to motor across the house. It comes with many busy finger activities to help with fine motor skills while teaching the ABC’s and 123’s along the way.

Vtech Baby Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads

4,945 Ratings

This simple musical toy is sure to fill your child with delight. It has many different fabric textures that are perfect for your baby and the music toy is easy to hold onto while keeping the attention of your child with a lot of light-up buttons. Enjoy more than 30 playful sounds and songs for your child to have the best time. And the size of this toy makes it one of the best crib toys around.

There are so many great toys out on the market for kids, but it is important to get some of the best. All of the options above will not only delight the child in your life, but will provide them with lots of entertainment and learning all at the same time. When you are ready to begin your Christmas shopping, make sure to add a few of the options on this list to your shopping cart.

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