10 Unique Baby Shower Gifts for Mom to Be

First of all, congrats to you expectant mother friends. Truly, bringing life on earth is one of the most overwhelming happy emotion one could ever feel. 

At the same time, taking a newborn is quite challenging and surely an arduous task. 

So if you are thinking of what gift to give, give them something that will make taking care of their baby memorable, fun and easy. 

Still, unsure what to give? Here are my 10 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Expectant Mothers!

10 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Expectant Mothers!

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Angelcare Bath Support

7499 Ratings

Anything that can make the life of the new mom is a great gift so this bath support will definitely be going to be appreciated.

It is ergonomic design lets the baby lay comfortably and the mesh allows water to drain easily!

It is made of durable lightweight plastic for easy storage and setup. 

Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer SCF358/00

996 Ratings

New moms are very particular about what they are feeding to their precious little angel.

Use this Philip’s baby bottle warmer to warm a cold bottle of milk or defrost frozen breast milk in minutes. On top of that, it heats the bottle gently and evenly so mommy is gonna be sure there are no hot spots. 

Baby Bee Box

116 Ratings

The ultimate baby shower gift that you can give!

The Baby Bee box is filled with 3 months of newborn essential that will be surely be appreciated by your new mom friend. 

Not only you will make your new mom friend happy, but your purchase will also support the Save the Children charity. 


Diaper Bag Backpack with Auto Folding Crib

The Portable Folding Crib Diaper and Multi-Purpose Bag is perfect for moms and dads who travel a lot with their baby and in need of a travel gear that can carry the baby’s needs and keep their baby in place. 

Baby Wrap Carrier

8451 Ratings

Babies, though small and light, can be tiring to carry over a long period of time. 

The baby wrap is made of a stretchy but sturdy fabric designed to help your back and shoulder not to get strained. 

The baby wrap is also one size fits all so you will not have to worry about it getting too small to quickly.

Mom's One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

1442 Ratings

Being a mom is a once in a life time event, and although I am not a mom nor a parent, I am pretty sure every parents would love to relive every single moment of my childhood. 

Help your new mom friend capture her memories with her child with this amazing five-year journal! 

She will surely appreciate this gift now, and for years to come.

Baby Bandana and Drool Bib Set

866 Ratings

I haven’t seen a baby who is not messy when they eat.

I guess it is a good thing because you can be sure that this baby bandana and drool bib set will surely be useful to the new mom. 

Driver's Baby Mirror 360

2403 Ratings

Perfect gifts for mom who drives around! The baby mirror gift will keep mom and baby safe!

This baby mirror 360 will help the mom to check her precious little baby in the back seat while driving without turning and putting her eyes away from the road.

Huggies Baby Wipes

4126 Ratings

Baby skin is sensitive. Use the wrong type of cloth or soap and it will surely be going to get irritated.

This is why many moms trust baby wipes when washing their baby because it is proven to baby skin-friendly.

Oogiebear's Earwax and Snot Removal

13638 Ratings

Babies are very fragile so we need to be careful with what products we use on them. 

And when it come to cleaning their ears and nose, we can’t just use anything we can find in the hose. 

Luckily, Oggiebear’s earwax and snot removal is designed to keep the baby safe and comfortable while doing these delicate things. 

That’s my 10 Unique Gift Ideas for Expectant Mom. 

What do you think? They are pretty cool right!

Do you have more ideas on what gift to give to expectant mothers? Let us know in the comment section below!

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